Boiler Repair and Maintenance Services in La Porte, Indiana

Boiler Repair Service & Maintenance in La Porte, IN

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Keeping your La Porte, IN home or business comfortable and warm during our long cold winters is one of our primary goals at Clear Sky Heating and Cooling. We understand that your home's boiler system is one of the most important appliances in your home, and we pride ourselves on having the necessary experience to keep your system operating properly, or in the event of a unit failure, repair or replace your boiler system.

  • Providing unparalleled boiler services for our community
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  • Serving Our Neighbors Since 1986

At Clear Sky Heating and Cooling we always recommend Burnham or Weil McLain efficient boiler systems to our customers. These are the industry leaders in boiler technology, which has come quite a long way in the past decade.

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Boiler Maintenance Saves Energy and Money

Your home's boiler needs to be serviced annually. Failure to provide proper maintenance will result in emergency failures, higher energy costs, and premature equipment failure. At Clear Sky Heating and Cooling we recommend that our customers call us to speak about what we can do for yearly maintenance routines for their systems.

If you’re considering a new boiler system were here to help, with free estimates and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Call Clear Sky when you need Boiler Services
Call Clear Sky when you need Boiler Services
Call Clear Sky when you need Boiler Services

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Before You Call...

If you're so inclined, it may turn out that you can solve you hydronic heating problem on your own. Many of our emergency boiler repair calls turn out to be pretty simple:

  • Does your gas boiler have power?
    • Check your boiler system circuit breaker panel to ensure that it's breaker hasn't tripped.
    • Check the "Emergency Switch" for your boiler. This is typically a toggle switch with a RED cover-plate adjacent to the entrance to your utility space.
    • Is the thermal fuse missing? Some utility spaces have a replaceable thermal fuse on the ceiling above the boiler. Make sure that fuse is in place.
  • Does your boiler have fuel?
    • Make sure the manual shutoff valve on the gas line to your system is turned "ON". * Verify with another gas appliance like your oven or range that your home has natural gas available.
  • Is your thermostat in good order and calling for heat?
    • Make sure your thermostat is "ON", is set to "HEAT", and the desired room temperature is set higher than the current ambient temperature.
  • Water Supply:
    • Is the water level in your boiler too low? There should be 12 - 15 psi in your boiler. If there is not try adding water to your system through your system water feed valve.
  • Condensing boiler vent outlet. If you have a plastic vented condensing furnace they often discharge out the side of you home.
    • If this is the first cold snap of the season and you can access your vent termination safely, check to make sure there is nothing like leaves of insect debris obstructing your vent terminal or combustion air intake.
    • Winter storm warning? If you have recently had a significant snowfall, check your boiler vent to ensure that it is clear of snow.

Boiler Maintenance For Your Home or Business

Save Time & Money

Clear Sky Heating and Cooling has decades of experience providing boiler repair services to home and business owners in the La Porte, IN area. Our company specializes in all wall hung or high efficiency gas boiler brands and we stock most parts necessary to restore your boiler to proper operations quickly.

There are several common issues you may notice that will indicate you’ll want to give us a call:

  • Water or leakage around your boiler
  • Unusual noise during system ignition or operation
  • Intermittent failures that require you to restart the boiler
  • No domestic hot water, or lower hot water capacity than what you are used to
  • Higher fuel consumption than normal
  • Cold rooms or cold heating zones
  • Ice accumulations on vent systems
  • If you have a combi system, low or no domestic hot water
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